Galaxy 5000 complete

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My friend has a copy of galaxy 5000 (complete) just wondered on it's value. Also, which Megaman games are the rarest, on the NES, and how much are they worth out of box? Thankyou:)

Edit:Even better, his copy of galaxy 5000 has a 50p from tesco sticker on the box!

Tesco were once selling NES Games for 50p?! How i wish I had been there when they were doing that. Must have been getting rid of their old stock. I saw a complete Galaxy 5000 at a market a while back for £5 and I'd say that's about what it is worth.

As for Megaman, if you are only interested in the UK games I'd say 4 is the rarest (5 and 6 weren't released here) but they are all quite hard to find (except for maybe 2). I'm not all that sure how much they go for now. Check ebay.