OGTL's Trade Thread

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ALright, i have some doubles, and some stuff i don't want. Here is what i have for trade:

Item ///////////////////////////////// Condition

Orange NES Zapper ///////// Very Good
Super Mario Bros. (Single game cart) ///////// Good, but has a dent in the back (plays fine)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link /////// Someone had drilled out the plastic, and it is held together with tape, and batterie is dead. ///////
Yoshi Instruction Booklet //////// Good
Ice Hockey Instruction Booklet //////// Good
Earthworm Jim Instr. Booklet (GB) /////// Great
Super Mario Land 2 (Gameboy) Instr. /////// Good
Donkey Kong Land (GB) Instructions ////// Great
Gameboy consumer info booklet x2 /////// good,good
TLO Zelda: ALttP & Four swords (GBA) //////// CIB! Awesoime condition.
The House of the dead (DC) Instr-
and back CD insert. (No disc) //////// Good,Good
Genesis 3 button controller //////// Great!
Genesis Model 2 Console /////// Good
RF connection for Model 2 Genesis ////////Great
GBA Link cable/////////////////Excellent. Never been used.
Possibly up for trade:
Excitebike 64 Box and Manual ///////// Great!!
Disciples: Sacred lands (PC) (CIB) //////// Good
DOCS Snes controller (Turbo) ///////// Great
RF Switch (NES, Original) ////////////// Good.

I will only trade the DOCS SNES Controller if i happen to get my hands on a Original SNES controller. I will trade combinations of things above for a SNES controller. And the GB Consumer Info Books i will throw in for free if anyone trades with me and wants one or both.

Want list:
Zelda (NES)
SNES Controller (Original Nintendo brand)
Zelda Majoras mask (N64)
Super Mario Bros. (GBA)
Sonic Adventure 2 (DC)
Adventure Island (1,2 or 3)
Jet Grind Radio (DC)
Bible adventures (NES, Blue or Black cart)

I will update once i know what other games i am looking for.
I'd prefer trades. But i will buy if i REALLY want something.

What do you want for Excitebike 64? I could get a SNES controller for you...

You realize its just the box and manual. right?

If you have more N64 boxes/int., I'd trade a couple of those for a controller...

Thats the problem. it cost me 6.00 to send 2 NES Games to murder killz. two n64 boxes, padded and everuythiung will cost me a fortune.

Fold the boxes. It works very nicely with N64 games, and you can fit it in small spaces.

i have these:
THPS Box & Manual
THPS 2 box and manual
NASCAR '99 Box and manual
Excitebike box & manual

i have these:
THPS Box & Manual
THPS 2 box and manual
NASCAR '99 Box and manual
Excitebike box & manual

I wouldn't mind getting all of those except The THPS Manual, and the THPS 2 box. Would you take 1 SNES controller?

If its in good condition, Ok.