The Game Over

In Buy/Sell/Trade

Store is closed untill I get a better inventory, sorry.

Im also open to trades. my want list is:

Hogans Ally
Captain America

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

Game Cube
The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker

GTA double pack
GTA San Andreas

Just PM me w/ ideas for a trade, ALL will be considered.

Dude! You're not supposed to double post!

Any way, Do you buy Games?

I know, I know. I thought about that after I already hit "submit".

And yeah I do, but I cant go really high on prices. why?

Next time, edit the second post, copy the contents, delete it, and paste the text into the original post before anyone responds.

And at the risk of being a n00b, how do you guys go about making deals over the forums? (In other words, what info is exchanged, how, etc.)

Shipping adress, name, Location etc. Could use paypal, money order, cheque.

On the subject of posting etiquette, I don't think there's anything wrong with a double post when the second post is 24 hours after the first and genuine new content is added. The trouble is that when a post is edited it doesn't show up as a new post, so people who have already read the thread won't know that new content has been added.

damn... I guess I need to spike up my inventory and/or get this stuff on ebay.

Its a bit small. You do need to get more items. I'd just start building it up for now.

i say save what you got for now, shop around at thrift stores, goodwills, used game stores, used cd stores, garage sales, etc. until you've got quite a bit to sell. also you might want to sell for more than what you paid

you could also try buying big lots of games from ebay for cheap, and selling the games for enough to make some profit wihtout ripping people off.

and go to wal-mart for the packing supplies, they got perfect NES game sized bubble-wrapped envelopes for $0.46 each

yeah, I can pick up the shipping stuff from Wal-Mart when I take the trash at work. since I work at a Sub-Way thats inside a Wal-Mart. lol

you got a subway in your walmart?! we got a damn mc donalds

lol wal-mart is being stupid. they're out for world dominance.