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I need some help getting my Nintendo 64 collection built back up. right now all I have is the system and Hook ups. no controllers or games. so if there is anyone out there that wouldnt mind selling me one or two controllers that would be great. and if anyone has and games they'd like to sell also let me know, but first things first. I need a controller or two. (I'd rather have Nintendo brand controllers, none of the MaddCatz stuff)

well i don;t hhave nayhting to sell but heres some good ones to pick up.

Paper Mario
TEH Zeldas
MArio Kart

Stuff like that.

Smash brothers
Castlevania 64
Resident evil 2
starfox 64

how could you forget those?

well, my little brother (who has all my controllers and games) said he would give me one controller and Zelda 64 for 2 Dragonball Z t-shirts. (keep in mind the kid is only 6 years old and he's cutting deals like this.) I'd feel bad taking back ALL my games 'cus he REALLY enjoys them and he hates his new step-dad (as do I) and its the only way for him to get away from that jerk. so thanks anyways but I got it started back on my own.

i got a Turok 3 cart. and poster i'd be willing to sell for $5 + shipping

I'm sure I can get you some games. I think I told you before, and then your computer died, and you said you were low on cash. Name some games you would like.

Hey you should go to yardsales and the Fela Market
Did i spell that right?

Flea market


haha hell yeah man

Yup the shade are the bomb