Zelda II: The Adventure of Link NES Review - Why is it the oddball?

by Nabooru on Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Here is a game that doesn't recieve the credit that I think it deserves. It's been awhile since I have played Either Zelda game, and many like to refer to this one as the 'oddball'. I, however, think this game is a lot more like the Zelda games that modern Zelda fans appreciate now than the original.

Your character (Link) has the opportunity to travel to many times (a feature not incorperated in the original). He can communicate and learn from others, and gain some awesome spells that only items could grant in the original.

A couple of the 'oddball' factors are the ability to level up (which I don't recall in any other Zelda game from NES) and the side-scroll factor.

However, I think the music is better. I also think the game has a much darker feel than the original Zelda, and modern fans want that feel. I manage a Zelda group on MSN where the general appeal to Wind Waker has yielded some surprised and lickened appeals, however, fans cannot wait to see the much anticipated, new realistic game again. The feel that they had in OOT and MM--That it is 'darker' in a metaphoric sense.

Such is this game. From the very introduction to the final battle, a true and loyal fan will be strictened with an emotional stir. The sight of Zelda and the final battle, the innitial shocker-- That Link should fight his own dark side.

Look at it from this perspective, for after all, it is an RPG. Oh yea--It's a fun game to play too. ^_^

This and the original LOZ are two of the greatest RPG games for NES. Few others match it's superiority.

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