Zelda II: The Adventure of Link NES Review - ZELDA ll

by Bu Wzr on Saturday, April 17, 2004
This is probably the second best game of all time...behind only Skies of Arcadia.
The music is the best in any game I've ever played (and I've played 'em all), and the final boss fight is the best of all time. I play this game at least twice a month, and although I can beat it in about a hour it still has not lost its brilliance. But if your not a real videogame player, very imaginative, or someone who takes the time to read books- don't waste your time, because not only are you not refined enough to notice the brilliance in games such as SoA, Halo, the Zeldas, or Final fantasy IX...your an idiot. So run back to Madden because I know just as well as you that it's the only game you can figure out...you bastard.

-Bu Wzr
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