Zelda II: The Adventure of Link NES Review - Love the title music!

by Scratchenator on Friday, January 10, 2003
Back in they NES heydays, Link was one of the first games I ever bought (the first one was Life Force, yes I suck). I remember playing it until my eyes were sored and my butt was acking from sofa excavating. I was very proud, as a mighty 80's geek, to own this plastic gold cartrige. Made me feel like a king without a crown or even a kingdom!

But anyway, my point is that I most remember Link for it's cool title music. The Excalibur-like title scene with THE music. Wow! To me, MY good old nes era comes to my mind whenever I hear it. And screw you guys who think the music is craptastic. It's an 80's keyboard hoedown for god's sake! At least it doesn't have that horrible 80's electronic drum attached to it! Give this game the glory it deserves!

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