Zelda NES Review - pure gold

by castle9 on Tuesday, October 28, 2003
this is the game that started the whole zelda legacy.i remember when i as a little kid watching my older brother tear through castles with scary music, slice up some baddies,get the peices of the triforce, i mean man i felt like i was a hero playing the game. true the graphics may not be the best but i mean c'mon it's nintendo. this game set the standard for all adventure RPG's to come.as time went on i think the legend of zelda entered a newer kind of quest with a new world and a new hero for kids today to have a zelda to look back on but nothing will ever come close to the clasic pure gold of the legend of zelda. and the music is just too bad ass i would play the game so long i would here the music in my sleep!!!

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