World Cup NES Review - world cup soccer

by your mom on Wednesday, March 19, 2003
this is one of the best soccer games ever. i was introduced to this game when a person from my youth group brot it and i realized it was a fun game. i mean, this is one of the best sports ganes ever and the best sports game for the nes. even if you hate soccer tou need to get it. There is also so much vairiety in this game to. you get to choose the team, the field and how the players act. The graghics are great for the nes and the music just makes you want to play the game more. another thing is that you can play 2 3 or 4 player (if you ahve the nintendo 4 score) and you get a pass word for each level so you don't have start over. and when you play the game you realize that it is not about soccer at all. the on;y point is to get the ball into the goal. when your tring to do that you can kick people and even nock them out! you have several super kicks which vary from team to team and you can even stand in the goal and just tell your team mates to pass to you and just do a bycicle kick into the goal. this is definatly a must have game. so if you have a friend get this game and play it!!! 5/5

-your mom
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