World Cup NES Review - Nice game, but as nothing to do with soccer........

by Antoine Pijnenburg, the Netherlands on Wednesday, February 7, 2001
Well, first of all, when this game came out, there were no good soccer games, none. And this one didn't made the change.

Yup, if you look closely, the guys on the pitch are the same as the guys from 'super Dodge ball' and 'River City Ransom'. In those games they added something to the game. When you want to make a decent soccergame, it doesn't. In fact, you'll never get the feeling that you're playing soccer, never...
It's just kicking the ball up high, to the center.

Even in two-player mode it's too silly to call this a soccer game, especially when you can dive 'all the time' on the field with the guy you're playing with. It's if you're watching seals go by on a soccerpitch. I have to admit that this caused us to laugh our *sses of, but it sure wasn't the intention of the producers of this game.

Face it, they're no decent soccer-games released on the NES, at least none i've heart of.

Final word: Worth a try, but not if you're looking for a good soccer game !

-Antoine Pijnenburg, the Netherlands
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