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Wolverine NES Game
Wolverine NES ROM
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Wolverine Codes/Cheats
PEUSZALA        Start with 1 life--player 1
TEUSZALA        Start with 6 lives--player 1
PEUSZALE        Start with 9 lives--player 1
PEVIYALA        Start with 1 life--player 2
TEVIYALA        Start with 6 lives--player 2
PEVIYALE        Start with 9 lives--player 2
GZEXAOVK        Infinite lives--both players
PEXIZAAA        Start on stage 2--player 1
LEXIZAAA        Start on stage 4--player 1
IEXIZAAA        Start on stage 6--player 1
YEXIZAAA        Start on stage 8--player 1
PEKSYAAA        Start on stage 2--player 2
LEKSYAAA        Start on stage 4--player 2
IEKSYAAA        Start on stage 6--player 2
YEKSYAAA        Start on stage 8--player 2
AXXLNUIE        Mega-jump
AAXGYLPA        Claws use up no energy
AGNIZAAA        Start each new life as a berserker!
KYXUVUVN + GAUUELZA     Super speed
ZAXLISAA + ZAEKAKAA     Take less damage from bullets
Wolverine Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Wolverine Review by Ebo An LJN game that doesn't totally suck! 10/2/2002 5:23:55 AM