Wizards and Warriors NES Review - This is a different type of action game.

by Ironman on Saturday, October 19, 2002
Games like this are underrated by the mainstream public. This is mostly due to the fact that it is difficult, different, and overall takes a common theme and changes it around. Games like this (and Ninja Gaiden although not as much) later are known as Action Platformers. Now I hear the gasps of those out there who when the term action platformer hit they immedietly think of Crash Bandicoot, Super Mario 64, or Maximo Ghosts to Glory. If so you are on the wrong page.

The story for the game is simple. YOu play a knight who is battling hoards of Demons ona quest to slay a wizard and rescue the princess. SImple yet like I said what makes this game unique is that it is an early example of an action platformer. A large majority of levels require you to go in a more vertical direction than horizontal. than you face giant boss that is usually flying.

Overall for true NES fanatics this is a classic, but for the mainstream public, go back to your simple girly games that we can beat in less than an hour.

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