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Vindicators NES Game
Vindicators NES ROM
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Vindicators Codes/Cheats
KLUAGTVI        Infinite lives
AAKKYTZA        Start with 1 life
IAKKYTZA        Start with 6 lives
AAKKYTZE        Start with 9 lives
VYUKEIVI        Automatic fuel replenishment
GZOEVXON        Never lose stars
VVVAAPSA        Start with 10 stars
ZAUKYTZP        Quicker shot re-load
AZKGYVAA        Start with increased shot range
LPKKLVGE        Turbo speed
AAUKYTZO + VIKGPTEI     Start with 80 shots
AAUKYTZO + KIKGPTEI     Start with 80 bombs
Vindicators Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Vindicators Review by Harvey Henkelman Edge of your seat shooter 9/21/2001 2:03:23 AM