Ultima Exodus

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Ultima Exodus NES Game
Ultima Exodus NES ROM
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Ultima Exodus Music
ult1ambr.mid (7KB)
ult1batt.mid (3KB)
ult1cast.mid (7KB)
ult1cave.mid (8KB)
ult1king.mid (13KB)
ult1over.mid (12KB)
ult1ship.mid (8KB)
ult1town.mid (6KB)
Ultima Exodus Codes/Cheats
GZUKOGST        Take no damage from most monsters
AEOAKVAA        No limit on stat points 
IEOPTPPA        Start with 5 of each item
ZEOPTPPE        Start with 10 of each item 
EKEOAPGV        Start with 200 GPs
AAXIAPPA        Never lose tools
KPVSUZOP        Never lose magic 
AAUEPYPA + OLUAGYOI     Rapid magic recovery 
ZEEOAPGT + PUEPTPAL     Start with 512 GPs 
YKEAUVTZ + LKUAVYZU + LGSOPAZU   75 stat points to start, not 50
LSEAUVTX + YSUAVYZU + YISOPAZU   95 stat points to start, not 50
Ultima Exodus Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Ultima Exodus Review by AxeMcFuchs 20-years later... 12/3/2003 11:04:02 PM
Ultima Exodus Review by Mista Big Time Tip 11/11/2002 3:20:49 AM
Ultima Exodus Review by ToddVania The Ultimate Obsession. 10/6/2002 10:06:32 AM
Ultima Exodus Review by king cobra Not bad, really! 6/6/2002 9:09:25 PM