The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer NES Game
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer NES ROM
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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Music
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Codes/Cheats
VZOGGPVG        Infinite Toms 
PEUZIALA        Player 1 starts with 1 Tom 
PANXLLLA        Player 2 starts with 1 Tom 
TEUZIALA        Player 1 starts with 6 Toms 
TANXLLLA        Player 2 starts with 6 Toms 
PEUZIALE        Player 1 starts with 9 Toms
PANXLLLE        Player 2 starts with 9 Toms 
IAXGTSZA        Only 5 T's lost from skulls 
OGSZZSVU        Start at the river--Player 1
KISZZSVL        Start in the forest--Player 1
NISZZSVU        Start in the house--Player 1
XTSZZSVU        Start in the sky--Player 1
SYSZZSVL        Start in the cave--Player 1
ZEEZALPA + AEEXZLLE     Start at the river--Player 2 
LEEZALPA + IEEXZLLE     Start in the forest--Player 2
GEEZALPA + ZOEXZLLA     Start in the house--Player 2
IEEZALPA + YOEXZLLA     Start in the sky--Player 2
TEEZALPA + GOEXZLLE     Start in the cave--Player 2