Tetris NES Review - Good

by 8 Bit Junkie on Friday, June 9, 2006
Another title all must own. This and Dr Mario are like a set. They should always be together, and if you have one, get the other if you don't already have it.

I like the music in this one. I'm playing the main game music on VirtuaNSF as I type this. I was searching through my nes music dir, and chose this one, so now i'm reviewing it.

Nothing beats Level 9 height 5 on the Section B. Takes a few times I must add to get it going, as the blocks fall fast, and if you don't put em just in the right place, it's GAME OVER.

Easy to find this one. It's everywhere. I want the tengen version too.

I like the ending with all the Nintendo characters. Even Samus is in it. :D

-8 Bit Junkie
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