Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES Review - Funny, classic games into 1 cartridge !

by Antoine Pijnenburg, the Netherlands on Wednesday, February 7, 2001
Well, this game came free after a while when you bought a NES. So it was the FIRST game I ever played. Well, what can I say, most people know The Mario game, it's simply 1 of the best games ever made for the NES.

Duck Hunt is also a very nice game, you must shoot ducks out of a clear blue sky. You could only play it with a light-gun ( which was also included with the NES) and it showed what the NES was capable of. Shame that DuckHunt was the only game with the lightGun that was of a reasonable quality. Oh, and too bad you can't hit the dog in the game.......

Well, this one is a classic, both games are high in quality, and will keep you busy for hours and hours and hours and hours......... A real must have !

5 out of 5 !

-Antoine Pijnenburg, the Netherlands
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