Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Review - super mario bros 3

by aki on Monday, May 5, 2003
wow ... i was ten years old when smb3
came out in the uk .. and ill tell ya
before it came out .. i watched a film
with title i cant remember . but it was about a kid who was like lost in the world of nintendo ..he didnt talk much
to any1 .. and i think he was going to get put into care ... anyway he went to
a game contest to play nintendo games
and win a prize ..
and as i was watching .. then pops up .. S U P E R M A R I O (3)
and i was in total disbalef ...
hell i was playing mario 1 at the time..
i couldnt beleve what i was seeing ..
after watching the film a year passed
and then i seen an add for MARIO MARIO MARIO ....3 ...
I remember the add very well ...
it was lots of people on a grassy hill
shot from a helicopter .. and they created the picture of mario ..
any way ... i was a kid my self ...
and can remember dont laugh
crying to my mom and dad for about a month to get this game ....
ps .. the only game in the world to me ... and finaly got it for my christmas
but ... rest asured the game was completed in secret about 30 odd times
before christmas came ....
all in all .... mario 3 was and always (by the look of it) will be the
best most complete lovable totaly addicting platform game of all time ...
some say allstars was better .. but
i found allstars to be very slippy in the control department ...mario 3 was tighter .. and more fun ...

and ... i can remember looking at the back of the uk smb3 box .. there was
a level in the game i had never seen before ?????????????????????????????
i found out in fact it was a test level .. and there are 6 in total !
to get them u need a genie code ...
if u want it search the net .. as
i lost the web page ... but it is real
u should try typing (nes super mario 3 lost levels)

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