Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Review - Lovely Game, a REAL classic !!!

by Antoine Pijnenburg,the Netherlands on Thursday, February 8, 2001
Yes, I was one of the many people on this globe who pre-ordered Mario 3. I remember that there was a huge hype going on about this game, even before it came out ! Everybody on the schoolyard was talking about the things that were to come in Mario 3 !!!! Yeah, those were the days....

And when I received it, I was thrilled. It was so much better than Mario 2 ! It has the same, entertaining gameplay as Mario 1, but with a lott of extra options, e.g. you can fly, or hump around in a green shoe! Or you can gamble in th ehouse of toad, to get extra bonus-objects.
Also there are the familiar warp-zones, and it has Bowser and his family in it. Only thing that was a bummer was the same ol' themes used in almost every platformer ( ice-world, a giant-world, water-world) , but the rest, is truly a great game. Even the graphics were great, and pushed it to the limits of that old, grey lunchbox called NES......

Although this game sold a lott 'cause of that little Italian plumber in it, it is a real classic for its gameplay and graphics and nobody was let down for buying it. Nintendo showed for almost the last time what the NES was capable of.

A 5 out of 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Antoine Pijnenburg,the Netherlands
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