Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Review - Legend of Mario goes Deeper

by chubachoo mahay on Sunday, September 26, 2004
Mario 2 is a pretty random format for mario, and I think it is arguable that it should have stayed doki doki panic. Even so, we should be careful about judging sm2 and identifying mario's orginal style. I played mario BEFORE sm1 on my commodore 64, with the floppy disks and crap. It was mario and his brother luigi competing to kill creatures as they came from the sewer pipes by punching them from underneath and then kicking them--almost exactly as in sm3 when you challenge player 2 as they try to pass you to the next level. That was super mario brothers. So you could say mario 1 was the original DEPARTURE from mario game play. I think mario 3 is the truest tribute to mario because of the mario v. luigi option.

-chubachoo mahay
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