Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Review - Hmmm, not the best sequel for the classic !

by Antoine Pijnenburg on Wednesday, February 7, 2001
Ouch, this game wasn't planned to become Mario 2, but the original Mario 2 (Later appeared as Mario: the lost levels) was too hard for the USA, so they took an old game ( Doki Doki Panic)that surely never see the daylight in the USA, and turned that one into Mario 2.

With minor changes it came out, and a lott of Mario fans got disappointed by the new gameplay of Mario. It's still a nice and hard game to play, but by far not the justified sequel of Mario 2.

You can choose who you are
(Mario,Luigi, Princess Toad or Toad )each figure has his own strong points, Luigi e.g. can jump very far. For the rest, it's just a basic platformer. And people just expect a little bit more from a game that carries the name Mario 2.

My advice: Worth to by it, but if you're looking for a REAL sequel for Mario 1, go get Mario 3 instead !

-Antoine Pijnenburg
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