Super Mario Bros. 2 NES Review - Mario in the desert heat. Princess, please send him back to your castle.

by ToddVania on Sunday, October 6, 2002
In case nobody knows, Japan at the time didn't want to run their Mario sequel over here, but knew Super Mario 1 needed a sequel here fast, so they dusted off an old adventure in the desert with vegetables as weapons, changed the characters, and ta-da! Instant Super Mario Brothers 2!! Not in my book.
There are things about this game that are fun, but it just totally lacks the Super Mario feel. The closest thing to it is the turtle shells, and those don't even show up often.
However, it is pretty challenging yet not impossible to solve, the bosses are cool, and the ability the princess has to float is cool. I just wish the legitimate Super Mario 2 would make it over here and they changed these people back to whoever they're supposed to be. 7 out of 10.

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