Super Mario Bros. NES Review - FIRST IS THE BEST

by Stalin on Wednesday, September 22, 2004
I defeated this game at 5 years of age, technically this is the game that made me born! Dedicated at least 3 hours a day for a good 2 or 3 months, defeated without any warps also, BUT the last level is a croc of shit, dont get me wrong Ive been besmirched quite a lot but going under certain tunnels and jumping over other ones in the EXACT pattern or else you keep going in a circle and run out of time is NOT even challenging, its STUPID I beat it when I was younger out of SHEER luck, and damn mr. myomoto for all those wasted hours because of that stupid trick at the end when I wouldve beaten it in half the time without that idiotic level. However honor thy father and mother and your first video game I still rate 5/5.

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