Star Wars

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Star Wars NES Game
Star Wars NES ROM
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Star Wars Music
Star Wars Codes/Cheats
AAXAGAZA        Start with 1 life
IAXAGAZA        Start with 6 lives
AAXAGAZE        Start with 9 lives
SZEAYXVK        Infinite lives
GZSYLSSO        Immune to spikes, you can get stuck on them
SLVUYNSO        Immune to most bullets
AAKLNGZA        Full energy on big energy pick-ups
AAKLUGAX        Less energy on big energy pick-ups
AGKLUGAZ        More energy on big energy pick-ups
ZEOKOIPA + ZEKKXIPA     Always running
GXNUZIST + SLKLYVSO     Immune to most collisions
Star Wars Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Star Wars Review by 30 Ok? 7/18/2004 1:04:45 PM
Star Wars Review by Captian Konk Spocks games 8/27/2001 8:36:49 PM