Spy Hunter NES Review - Not bad, but not the best port of Spy Hunter

by Sarah on Sunday, March 3, 2002
I'm a big Spy Hunter fan. One of my best arcade memories is linked to this game, circa 1987.

Through the magic of emulation, I have tried different versions of Spy Hunter. Personally, if you can't play the original arcade game (with MAME, it's difficult to do so if you don't have a steering wheel controller), I suggest that you go for the ColecoVision port. It is superior to the NES version.

First of all, the NES bird's eye view is too high. Also, steering is not as smooth as with the CB port. And because of the 2-button config, the NES version requires you to use button combos to use the different weapons.

Ultimately, playing the game in emulation form with a Colecovision emulator is more satisfying than the NES port. Config your PC (or Mac) controller to use 4 buttons for your weapons (the challenge is to figure out which CV keypad buttons were used for which weapon).

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