Solomons Key NES Review - GREATNESS

by Clint Qualls on Tuesday, December 23, 2003
This game was my very favorite game as a kid and early teen. Me and my friends at this time would race to see who could beat a game the fastest. Zelda in 3 days Metroid in 2.... But I was the only one that stuck it out with this one. There was a cheat that would let you continue a game after you died. I used that along with the pause feature for 3 months. i dont know if anyone ever kept their nintendo on pause for 3 months. but i made it to leavel 92. After staying on that level for weeks. I called nintendo for help. It didnt do any good. I asked and found that none of them hat ever made it that far. I gave one of them some tips to get past the level they were on and found that i was about 30 levels ahead of them. it was soon after that i quit and started playing new games. I am still bothered to this day about not finishing that game. I have yet to find a game that hard or good... and at the time i did not realise how well i had done. BEST PUZZLE GAME EVER!!! Just wish it would have been hyped more. For a game this good it is little known.

-Clint Qualls
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