Solar Jetman NES Review - This game will make you want to break something.

by MI64 on Wednesday, July 18, 2001
In Solar Jetman you are a space explorer that is searching for the legendary "Golden Warpship". Why?, good question... Anyway, in this game you fly around in a little space pod looking for pieces of the legendary ship. Throughout your travels you'll visit many strange worlds inhabited by nasties who are out to stop you. You gain money for the stuff you salvage and can upgrade your pod completely to enhance your "searching experience", which is pretty cool. The un-cool thing about this game (as in other Tradewest games), it is EXTREMELY tough. The first few planets aren't bad, but when you start having to deal with reverse gravity, extremely strong gravity, tougher nasties and more expensive equipment, it gets rough.

The graphics/sound of this game are decent, challenge is outrageous and play control sucks at times. Make sure you've got an extra controller laying around because you'll probably end up breaking one in half because this game is so frustrating. Try it out.

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