Snake Rattle 'n Roll NES Review - Teh OMG! (^^)

by Kizul Emeraldfire on Tuesday, December 14, 2004
As far as NES games go, this has got to be one of my favorites, and one of the best I've ever played. The music is different for nearly every level, the graphics are great, it's 3-D, and there's a bunch of pibble-eating, foot-licking and toilet-seat-bouncing goin' on! What more could you ask for from a NES game? :)
I give it all a 5 out of 5, and I submit to you also the CORRECT level warp codes. The Game Genie guys made a goof in the code book: when you put, say, the Start On Level 2 code, you're not gonna start on level two. You'll start on level 3! It's true. Anyway, here they are (plus a few extra! ^^):

1. AUEUGXNY Start on Level 2
2. PUEUGXNY Start on Level 3
3. ZUEUGXNY Start on Level 4
4. LUEUGXNY Start on Level 5
5. GUEUGXNY Start on Level 6
6. IUEUGXNY Start on Level 7
7. TUEUGXNY Start on Level 8
8. YUEUGXNY Start on Level 9
9. AUEUGXNN Start on Level 10
10 PUEUGXNN Start on the Moon

These codes have all been tested on a real NES, Game Genie and Snake, Rattle 'n Roll game, and they all work perfectly. With Roll code 10, though, if you hear the title theme playing (though somewhat strangly, as not all of the music channels will be playing), DON'T WORRY, this is perfectly normal. Now, sit back, relax, maybe invite a friend or two over, warp to the Moon, and beat Snake Rattle 'n Roll!

Have fun!

-Kizul Emeraldfire
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