Skate or Die 2 NES Review - Yo Dude!

by 8 Bit Junkie on Tuesday, June 6, 2006
This game rules.

It fully uses Nintendo's sound chip. The speach in this game is clear and vibrant. I've never heard a game speak this well.

Not only that, the music has the perfect feel, as well attitude to keep you sk8ing str8.

When you select adventure, you start off on the main streets, which your able to go into the sewers, then to the mall to deliver things, to the beach, to a warehouse and so on.

The other option is the sk8 ramp. You can do tricks and your guy crumps nicely on the middle ramp. :D If your good enough, you'll get a girlie sending her love to you.

This is a great sequel. Pick it up if you find it.

-8 Bit Junkie
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