Silver Surfer

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Silver Surfer NES Game
Silver Surfer NES ROM
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Silver Surfer Music
silintro.mid (39KB)
silmeph.mid (47KB)
silstage.mid (56KB)
silvers4.mid (2KB)
Silver Surfer NSF (16KB)
Silver Surfer Codes/Cheats
PAOILIIA        1 life for player 1
PAKSGIIA        1 life for player 2
IAXSGIPA        Player 1 starts with 5 smart bombs
IAVIIIPA        Player 2 starts with 5 smart bombs
SXEKSNVK        Infinite lives for both players 
NYVTLVGO        Infinite smart bombs for both players
GXEITSSE        Keep cosmic weapons after losing a life
IEESIIPA        Have 5 smart bombs on a new life 
GXEILSSE + GXKIOUSE     Keep orbs after losing a life