Shadowgate NES Review - HELP!!

by Me on Saturday, February 1, 2003
I need help with this game, can anyone tell me how to get the key out of the skelleton's hand, Its the skelleton in a pond, and a shark is guarding it. You can't swim and get it, or you die, I've tried everything and have givin up. I havent played this in forever. But if anyone can tell me. Please put a review in and tell me how so I can continue.

Anyway, this game is CREEEPPPYY!!!!! The music, the statues, everything. When I saw the brown guy, that you have to burn with the weird tourch, I FREEKED OUT!!! I jumped out of my seat. and what in the Hell does the cloak do when you get it from that brown guy? anyway, great game!! Buy It!! 9/10

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