Scheherazade NES Review - Scheherazade

by Uber Newb on Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Wow. I can't believe I found this game again. When I was four or five, my dad's friends often came over to watch football. Afterwords, they would get more beers, talk, and plug in the NES. I would watch them play, with little understanding of the games they were playing.

Up until he bought this game, the only games I had ever seen them play were things like Mario Bros. and Stealth AFI, and the only games I ever had played were Sesame Street: ABC and Duck Hunt. When he plugged the game in, I was mesmerized. It was completely different from anything I had ever seen, and I was enchanted.

Years later, I'd always wonder what the hell that one game was. Then, one day, I was perusing this website when I saw the word Scheherzade. It seemed vaguely familiar, and I looked it up. As soon as I listened to one of the game's MIDI files, the familiarity grew stronger. And when I saw the screenshot, BAM! Instant nonstalgia.

Now that I finally played it for myself, I feel that the game had a lot of wasted potential. If only there was more to do...

-Uber Newb
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