Renegade NES Review - Smash hookers's faces to the tunes of 50's rock!!!

by Coffin Joe on Thursday, May 9, 2002
Technos Japans FIRST brawler, and the first in a series of games featuring a character called Kunio-Kun(another game, River City Ransom!). But when the game came to America, it was released after Double Dragon hit our shores, which is why this game is known as an "inferior ripp-off of Double Dragon". Another problem was that the game was too violent, and its plot, to risky(It involved rival gangs in school), so the plot, characters(Kunio became Mr.K), sprites, and backgrounds were changed too be kosher with the fragile minds of American children. Another lie is that the game is not inferior too the ORIGINAL NES Double Dragon(although Double Dragon 2, dominates all, along with River City Ransom), in many ways its actually better. While shorter, the action never stops, and you are given more to do than in DD. Punch, kick, jump-kick, flying-kick, rebound-kick(off the wall), grabs, knees, flips, throws, punch your opponent when hes down, and kick yourself free when you are held by an enemy! So as you can see, you are given much to do to keep the action fresh within all 4 levels. Well, theres no Karnov(?), or level 38(?), but its still a blast! Worth a buy!

-Coffin Joe
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