RBI Baseball NES Review - Bases Loaded is Better

by Jeff Turner on Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I think Bases Loaded 1 is better than RBI Baseball. Here is why:

1) Rosters - Ok so RBI has the '86 MLB rosters for the Red Sox, Mets, etc.
Whoooppeee - they only give you 4 pitchers for each team. Not very realistic.

2) Realism - The starting pitchers on RBI can't last more than 3 innings..if this is supposed to be the big leagues, why do these guys run out of gas so fast?? At least on Bases Loaded you can get 5-7 innings out of your starter.

3) Defense - yes the players "flow" around the field easier on RBI, but its easier to catch, throw and pull-off a double play in Bases Loaded.

4) Vs the Computer - on RBI the computer ALWAYS makes a big comeback.

5) Graphics on Bases Loaded are better.

-Jeff Turner
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