Paperboy NES Review - Paper, Roy?

by BombOmb on Saturday, January 11, 2003
This game is very silly and very fun. The fact when you throw a paper at some people's windows and the owner comes running out after you with a knife is reason enough to play it. This game is simple, crazy, and great but its got some cons. Its cons... lie in LOGIC, the paperboy delivers papers on HOW GOOD OF A DELIVERY HE MADE. Tires, dirtbikes, death and many other things just come AFTER YOU and lawn mowers and such BLOCK YOUR PAPER from hitting the mailbox. It's virtually impossible to make a perfect delivery but somehow... I couldn't put this game down until things got impossibly hard. If you kinda liked this game but kinda didn't, I highly recommend the GameBoy (that's REGULAR gameboy, not that advance and color crap) version wich has optional girl character and better soundtrack and graphics (so you can SEE what you're trippin over) that could've been brought to the NES but for reason wern't. Also the GameBoy version cut out some really annoying things in the NES version and replaced them with MORE interactive people and such - you can knock an old couple out of their swinging bench, stop an armed robbery and much more. So I recommend you should buy Paperboy for the NES if you don't own a gameboy. And if you own a gameboy and SNES and Super Gameboy for the SNES, you've got the best version of Paperboy out there ('cause you get to play it on your TV). Oh, and XPengiun, shut up and put some reasoning into your review. Saying "IT SUCKS" isn't going to persuade anyone.

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