Operation Wolf

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Operation Wolf NES Game
Operation Wolf NES ROM
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Operation Wolf Codes/Cheats
IEVUNSPA        Infinite continues
AESSLZTL        Never die
PESZIGAA        Start on mission 2
ZESZIGAA        Start on mission 3
LESZIGAA        Start on mission 4
GESZIGAA        Start on mission 5
IESZIGAA        Start on mission 6
AAVSIIPA        Infinite magazines
AAEIATPA        Infinite grenades
GANIYIZA        Double bullets in each magazine
NNESZALE        Heal completely between levels
GANULZZA        Grenades inflict double damage
ZAELGPIE        Super power drinks
PEVKVYYE + PAVSIIIE     Increase magazines
PENGXYIE + PAVSIILE     Increase grenades
Operation Wolf Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Operation Wolf Review by McDick2002 Hungry like a wolf...sorry 8/29/2004 1:37:39 PM
Operation Wolf Review by ChemicalTrain Cool Shooter. 6/19/2003 12:47:39 AM
Operation Wolf Review by Lonewolf Sweet game 9/9/2002 5:21:53 AM
Operation Wolf Review by Hokum Grade: B- 1/3/2002 2:58:47 AM
Operation Wolf Review by Danny Gallagher A challenge for all gamers 5/8/2001 6:05:59 PM