Ninja Gaiden II

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Ninja Gaiden II NES Game
Ninja Gaiden II NES ROM
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Title Screen
Baron Spider
Cinema Screen
Ninja Gaiden II Music
ng2-int.mid (24KB)
ng2-st41.mid (18KB)
ng2-st51.mid (20KB)
ng2army.mid (4KB)
ng2asht.mid (8KB)
ng2cap.mid (9KB)
ng2castd.mid (8KB)
ng2cred.mid (30KB)
ng2dark.mid (7KB)
ng2end.mid (5KB)
ng2intro.mid (9KB)
ng2jaqu.mid (7KB)
ng2lahj.mid (4KB)
ng2lord.mid (15KB)
ng2relic.mid (38KB)
ng2stg11.mid (7KB)
ng2stg21.mid (20KB)
ng2stg22.mid (13KB)
ng2stg31.mid (12KB)
ng2stg32.mid (12KB)
ng2stg41.mid (10KB)
ng2stg51.mid (14KB)
Ninja Gaiden II NSF (32KB)
Ninja Gaiden II Codes/Cheats
AEKGVTZA        Start with 1 life 
SXXGXAVG        Infinite lives 
SZNGKGSA        Almost invincible! 
LEUOSATA        Half-energy from medicine
GEUOSATE        Double energy from medicine
SXVKLTVG        Stop timer
GXKKUIVA        Never lose Ninja power item 
ZEXGYAPA + SNEKYEVN     Fast running Ryu 
LEXGYAPA + KNEKYEVN     Mega-fast running Ryu 
IEKGVTZA + SEKKKTSP     Start with 6 lives 
AEKGVTZE + SEKKKTSP     Start with 9 lives
IAUONEZA + IAKOOEZA     Half-energy from Blue Ninja power
GPUONEZA + GPKOOEZA     Double energy from Blue Ninja power
GOEPOEZA + ZEOOEAPA     Double maximum Ninja power from scroll
SVOPXXSN + SVOOKXSN + SVXOXXSN     All powers use up only 5 points
XXEOSZVZ + LOEOVXIY + PUOOSXLK      Infinite Ninja power
Ninja Gaiden II Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Ninja Gaiden II Review by akZer0 i would have to say.... 3/15/2004 11:54:41 PM
Ninja Gaiden II Review by Xpenguin Ninja Gaiden 2 ROCKS!!! 10/7/2002 6:53:45 PM
Ninja Gaiden II Review by Rob Better than the first 4/21/2002 2:11:51 PM