Mission: Impossible NES Review - Tom Cruise please read...

by McDick2002 on Monday, August 30, 2004
If you watched the original show or the new one then you figured out that Jim was the bad guy almost right away and then watched all that wasted action hoping that pretty boy Cruise would get his sorry ass wasted. But then there would be no sequel, which I've refused to watch. This game like the movies ignores the basic principal of M:I. The team uses their talents as a whole to accomplish a job not one glamour guy saves the world alone (see James Bond). The game is ok and can be innovative. One character uses disguises and that's rare for the nes. This game can be fun but the show is better. If you want a real top down video game then try Metal Gear. I give M:I a 5/10. Its more fun than that. I just don't care for Tom Cruise. Send all hate mail to McDick2002@yahoo.com. Have a nice day!

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