Mike Tyson's Punchout NES Review - Mike! Mike!

by JJPorn on Wednesday, September 17, 2003
I can beat Mike as early as 1:33 of the second round ....TKO out Cold!
The best you can do in the first is counter punch and almost knock him down.
Then in the 2nd --first block,counter punch his stomach for a star ..repeat until u run out of hearts.Dont use your 3 stars yet.Knock him down .Then use the 3 stars knock him down. then at 1:33 or so he blinks his eyes, hit him in the stomach and if lucky you instantly knock him down again knocking him out. If not I usually beat him in the second round, if not that I always knock him out anyway!
Awesome game!! 10 out of 10
Shame there wasnt a sequel!! This game is just addicting and fun to play. Trust me once you learn how to knock out Mike Tyson you fell a GREAT sense of accomplishment!!It is tough , but it's worth the pain. Great game.

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