Mike Tyson's Punchout NES Review - The greatest game EVER!

by Brian P. Sulpher on Saturday, July 5, 2003
Well, to start off, I will just state that I have beat every opponent in Round One and wrote the greatest guide for the game around. That being said, this game is the greatest ever not just because of the fun factor, but rather for the amazing depth that this apparently thin game holds. You have your basic dodge and punch startegy that everyone starts out on, which evolves into a few sneaky techniques like the left-right-left-right on Don Flamenco or Von Kaiser. Following that, th eplayer will become a little more aggressive and discover some Star producing methods, allowing for faster times.

However, it is when you reach the levels of the greats like Daniel T (official World Record holder against Mike Tyson), redtom (amazing strategist and master of the PAL records), Eric "AboveAverage" Feliciano (Bald Bull 2 master), Martin Charlebois (held all of the World Records in the early 90's), Chrome Virus (Soda Popinski and Super Macho Man expert), Matt Turk (amazing player and strategist who holds most of the of unofficial World Records currently), or even myself (devloper of a 100% KO Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream strategy as well as a Mr. Sandman expert). These guys at GameFAQs (myself included) have revolutionized the game in th elast 15 months, and yet they continue to improve times, strategies, and just manipulate the amazing programming in the game.

How many game can still boast at the 15 years mark of their release to still having their secret's discovered, explouted, and then furthered by the rabid fans? The music, graphics, campy dialogue, and challenge all add up to an easy 10/10 for the greatest game ever!

-Brian P. Sulpher
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