Mike Tyson's Punchout NES Review - My "Finger Speed" will never be the same......

by ToddVania on Thursday, October 3, 2002
Yes, Tyson is beatable. But that isn't the point. We're not playing this game in the arcades, where difficulty levels were jacked up by arcade owners to earn quarters. This game is just too hard to beat to be truly enjoyable, yet somehow it is in a way. I can even throw down Super Macho Man blindfolded, but when it comes to Tyson, I've only been able to get him down once, and I think that was a fluke. I like the arcade version, where Mike doesn't exist, better. But the graphics are good and I like Mario's cameo bit as the referee. Play Super Punch Out on the SNES; it's much better.
(This one also replaced Tyson after his crimes against women with Mr. Dream on some carts; Mr. Dream also knocks you down with one punch in the beginning).
Does anyone know if the real Mike Tyson ever played this??? Good luck, raper.

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