Metal Storm

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Metal Storm NES Game
Metal Storm NES ROM
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Metal Storm Music
Metal Storm Codes/Cheats
TEXUNLZA        Start with 6 lives
PEXUNLZE        Start with 9 lives
AASOYYPA        Infinite lives
NNNLOLAE        Start with extra weapons
AVKYPSGL        Slower timer
AXKYPSGL        Faster timer
AESTKXGA        Permanent fireball
AESXXNGY        Permanent shield
Metal Storm Visitor Reviews
Reviewer Title Date/time
Metal Storm Review by soupoder BEST GAME EVER ^_^ 2/24/2005 4:38:33 PM
Metal Storm Review by Ernster Unique and awesome! 12/6/2004 8:13:13 AM
Metal Storm Review by Richard Great game 10/13/2003 6:23:18 AM
Metal Storm Review by utsusemi Metal Storm 3/2/2001 12:04:25 AM