Megaman 4 NES Review - Retaliation

by 1337 Muffinman on Sunday, February 25, 2007
There is NOTHING wrong with this game. Personally, I think every Megaman after 6 sucked worse than the most horrible horror, and that of 1-6, this game was at maybe about the second best. Sure, it seems just like 5 and 6 because the bosses are a little lame and you get the Mega Buster, but at least it was the first one WITH the Mega buster at all!

The boss order? Tricky, but we all have the internet for that. I think that the only reason anyone would bash this game is if they had no fun playing it; and honestly, the only way you could not like playing this game is if you sucked at it. Megaman 2 takes the entire Megaman cake, but 4 is right up there as my second favorite.


-1337 Muffinman
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