Megaman 4 NES Review - my first Mega Man game

by Electrocut on Thursday, May 4, 2006
Yeah, this one has much spirit and brings a long library of memories with it.
Mega Man 4 was my first Mega Man i was personally confronted with. And how that felt to be in those early NES-truegaming-times, i found out everything on my own. The two items beside Rush, which boss i have to kill with whoms weapon.
Because this was my first encounter, all the other Mega Man games weren't hard to beat. Mega Man 4 was a beast for it's time to start through the series.
How long it has taken to find out that Skull Man isn't that tough he wanted me to know him :).
How often did i fall of the ledges on the start of Toad Man's stage - that rain was not that easy to take for an absolute beginner i was.
If you start with no clue where to go, it's totally amazing to find out what's exactly going on.
So, enough smalltalk.

No worries here. The graphic is all in all top notch. More colorful than the previous adventures.
The designs of most of the Robotmasters stages are well done, all elements - graphicalwise - are well set. Foregrounds and backgrounds stickin perfect together.
Ok, there are two stages with no real backgrounds (Toad Man, Dive Man), but there is that much going on that one just flies by and you won't reconize to much. They brought even more shiny and glas-like graphical elements within as ever befor. The Ring Man Stage is designed that it looks like completely made of glas - for example.
That Get-Weapon-Screen is lovely.
I could go on a bit more, but i won't in here.
So here i give a 10/10.

Now here the spirits walking along two ways with some fearful players.
As i read other reviews and ratings, a lot people talking about how shocked they were as they reconized that the kind of tunes was different as in the two previous games - laughable. That was done to bring in another flair to Mega Man 4, because here Wily wasn't the bad guy - he died in MM3 (if one really played this game as right as it came onto the market, no one could know that Wily survived and that he was again behind the scene). This time it was a russian scientist. So, the style of music had to be changed to bring that better on. It fits well to the changed style because of another scientist. That totally produced a no-Wily-feeling. Just Great.

Mega Man controls as perfect as ever. Rush comes a bit on the short side - the Jet is harder to control, it flies straight forward with little ability to direct up- or downward. But therefor one can find two hidden items, with those in stock there is no place untouchable.
The new Mega Buster is useful as well. With that new upgrade you can beat several bosses without using special weapons. Maybe your special weapon runs out of energie, than your are not left totally naked in a bossfight. Generally it makes thing easier.

Yeah, harder as MM2 & MM3. But still easier from being as hard as MM1 ;). Right after Mega Man 1 the next Mega Man Adventure that dares to challange the player. Still one of my favorites :)

That Mega Man deserves a viewtiful rating 10/10

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