Megaman 4 NES Review - Let's set this straight.

by Mike on Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Alright. first of all, all you who said this suck, i want you to know i'll say high to your moms tonight.

secondly, i want to say that this game is one of my favourites, and i've probably beaten it a hundred times since i started playing NES. this game is a *classic*. Alright, so the names of the bosses are a little silly. But that's just the way ALL of the megaman games work. it's the style all the fans have grown accustomed to. i mean, no one makes fun of digimon just because all their names sound the exact same and end in 'mon'. i personally can't stand it, but then again, i'm not a digimon fan.

alright, the graphics aren't good. but then again, you have to remember, this is fregging NES. 8 bit wonder. of course it won't compare to all your XBOX's and PS2's. think about it. if you're saying this game is bad just cuz the graphics suck, think again. because graphics aren't everything.

when it comes down to it, a game is about the gameplay. let's take N64 for example. compared to SNES or NES, it has relatively advanced graphics. but the games on N64 are mostly just shows of processor power, and have no real gameplay value. SNES and NES is where the fun is.

for all of those who think just because this game is hard, then it's not good, well, you just suck at video games? and we'll leave it at that. because i can beat this game in an hour flat, and that's without skipping past the bosses.

compared to the other megaman games, i like this one. MM2 is commonly seen as the best of the NES ones, but i havn't really played that one well enough to get a real feel of the game. and trust me. emulators are totally different from having a controller in hand, and actually having to jam that cartridge into the NES. it's a feeling you just can't get.

so for all of you who have never actually played this on NES and say it's a piece of crap, why don't you go out and *get* an NES before you go spewing your BS everywhere. thanks.

features of MM4
-Rush Jet/Marine Adaptors
-Wire/Balloon Add-Ons

TWO, count 'em, TWO castles. all the other ones i've played only have 1. sounds good to me.

this game is difficult, and the only gamers who don't like havn't a challenge are the ones who suck, the ones who hack, and the ones who write bad reviews. challenge is what makes a game fun. without challenge, then it's just more of an interactive movie because you don't have to think about anything, or do anything besides occasionally pressing a button. not the point of a game, in my opinion.

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