Megaman 4 NES Review - New rate crated!!!!!!

by Italianman on Saturday, August 7, 2004
What do you do when you want to describe something WORSE than Horribly Disgracefull?!?!?!?!?! WELL folks I have the perfect solution!!! Megaman 4, yes a new rate now it's not from good to bad or very bad it's from good to Megaman 4!!!

Now as for why....well whoever asks that is BLIND!!!! or travelling in the wonders of cocaine!!!! NOW we know exactly what cocaine does to the brain!!! Megaman 4 is a combined result of boh stupidity, cocaine and a VERY high leve of sake because this is worst than lame. without mentioning those stupid bosses (DUSTMAN?!??!? what is this??? Does it take the broomstickman to beat him???) and pretending the music was crap because of a cartige error it still SUCKS LIKE HELL!!!!!! If you were ever considering to buy/borrow this game think twice, or better yet GO AHEAD!! so you can BURN this game and curse Capcom for ever considering this type of Megaman!!!!!!!!!!!

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