Megaman 4 NES Review - Pure Excellence

by Flashman85 on Tuesday, October 1, 2002
Hands-down, this is my favorite Mega Man game. I may be biased against the others because after requesting a Mega Man game for two years I finally got Megaman 4. So, this was my first, and still is my favorite.

Things I like:

- It is possible to beat any of the 8 robot masters first. It's not like the original Megaman where it's almost impossible to defeat Iceman before beating a few other robot masters.
- Excellent variety of weapons--and they all get used! Each weapon is useful in a number of situations, which allows for better replay value.
- Plot!! Not only do you get a lovely introduction describing the origin of Mega Man, but you also have a plot twist (not overwhelmingly surprising, but hey, it's something)!
- Has elements of the old Megaman games mixed in with new ideas: Protoman, the bats from Wood Man stage, Rush Marine, and some music from MM2 all get mixed with new elements like Flip-Top (Eddie), Dr. Cossack, the Mega Buster, and more.
- Not too hard, not too easy, but just right.

There is almost nothing for me to complain about in this fantastic game. Buy it. Now.

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