Megaman 2 NES Review - Not really that what it's celebrated being for

by Electrocut on Wednesday, May 3, 2006

The complete set of soundtracks in here is not the best, disturbing somehow in the way they are arranged and mixed.
You could just exchange the tunes for several stages with the same effect to them.
The complete Wilyfortress tunes are forgetable, as right as some others.
Gameplay supporting musical essences are missing.
Only the sound-fx driving the rating for that cathegory a bit higher (those are absolutely aaaalllrighty)


The optical appearence of MM2 is above MM1 if i start talking about details, but thats about it.
True to the essence of rising the mood of several stages it misses often.
Don't know where to start of showing of cases.
Well, Wily Fortress part 2,3 & 4. It tries to bring on a darker look? Maybe, but to me it looks all to muddy.
The graphical elements of the Heat Man stage - could be more fire in it - the Fire Man stage was allright with that. (for more see my personal dislikes).


Some may tell us the controls (or what the way it feels) should be better as in MM1.
NOT really. But i have no problem with those. In Mega Man games i allways keep control ;-).


Easy, even if difficulty is set on difficult.

Now in this review i will point out several missfits i really cannot stand right with Mega Man's second encounter.

I'll start with those weapons:
Time Stopper - totally useless. You don't need this to beat enemies nor to travel through Quick Man's level.
Atomic Fire - why on earth is it essential to a few players to one-hit-kill Wood Man with that crap. This is the only argument that makes it for two uses in the game.
But hey, there are more and especially more exiting ways to kill Woody - so forget this useless blast. And no, there is no Wily-Fight where you "need" this.
Leaf Shield - there may be a few places where you can use this, but you can alternate with other weapons - just useless. Not needed to fight bosses nor to fight rampaging foes.
Bubble Lead - there is "only" one moment where you just "have" to use that weapon - the final fight against "Wily-the-Alien-Holographic-Thing" because anything else fails (just laughing loud out).
Common, the half of all weapons just consists of crap?! Yes, sad but true.

The "Item 3" - there is only one place where you "have" to use this - lame.

For some stages:
Heat Man's lair - it's a tries to be a copy of Fire Man's one. With one main difference - it doesn't bring on the fire-elemental touch right as Fire Man's stage did. And what's extreme cheap - that part with those dis-and reappearing blocks. Without Item 2 no fun - no challange, only cheap that is. In Mega Man 1 those passages where challenging and short enough to stand it through. Not here so. Here you have to cross an extreme long passage (molten and deadly metal below) and to be extreme quick to get the order in which those blocks appear right (that totally sucks how Capcom brought that on in here). So i can tell the complete "HeatManThing" is crap (cheap stagecopy, useless weapon to get).
The Wily stages are boring. Muddy look, dizzy tunes (extreme in Wily Fortress part 3 and 4).

There are a few real pluspoints in as well:
The Air Man Stage, i really like that one - it looks maybe as it were thought to be in Mega Man 1, but it fits the hole element it's made for including Air Man (that one has the right essence). Those clouds that can hide the way you are walking on and some enemies are lovely.
The Bubble Man Stage, well done water elemental stage - Everything fits perfect.
The first part of the wilyfortress is ok - not that mudstyle as the following entries of it. That Dragonboss ads a nice fantasy touch to it.
And a few weapons that can safe the game befor complete boredom. Metalblade, Crash Bomber, Air Shooter and Quick Boomerang (the better half of the complete weapon entry in Mega Man 2 - for fighting bosses and general usage in several situations to make things easier).

This Mega Man Disadventure gets only a rating of: 5/10

Even if a lot poeple out there would kill me for rating Mega Man 2 that low, it's exactly what i feel for this game. It's sad that many beeings just praise this like a godess because one or two poeple strayed overloaded positivity for that game and the others are blind followers.

Where Mega Man 1 is even today a shiny classic (imagine why?), Mega Man 2 missed.

Ok, that's it.

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