Megaman 2 NES Review - Not necessarily the best Mega Man game...

by Tiz89 on Wednesday, June 9, 2004
When I first heard of Mega Man 2's greatness, I was like I had to check this out. When I got it, I looked at the title screen and I was like, "Slick! One of the only Mega Man games that show his hair!" When I played it, I was pretty disappointed. There wasn't a slide feature in this one, which meant less secret areas (and I like secret areas in games). The graphics improved from the first Mega Man game, especially with the boss sprites (they weren't as puny as in the first, but they weren't huge either). Heck, they even had a difficulty feature. But the levels were short, Quick Man's level was really draining on the lives, the bosses were too easy, and I just didn't have fun with it. I only got passed all the robot bosses and stopped playing. It wasn't all that great to me anymore. The game is good, but not as good as I expected. 6/10.

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