Megaman NES Review - a lovely classic

by Electrocut on Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Now this is my first review on a classic.
But what to say?
Blehhh...., meeepppp - like others said?
Nope, i hate the language of emulator-lamers.

It would be a complete book full of memories how i came to that pearl. But that's to heavy for just a review, so i'll keep it outta here.
On with the stuff.

At first i thought that it looks all a bit empty, compared to the other Mega Man sequels
But as gameplay continues i can tell that i never overlooked an enemy or a trap, thx to those easy backgrounds.
The levelelements and backgrounds are easy on the eyes and clear - not overstuffed.
And the most important fact on the graphics of MM1 (and all games in general), all sticks perfect to the mood of each level.
Ice Man's Level looks frosty, in Fire Man's Level you can imagine the heat ......
Enough said :-)
For those graphics (even they have a slightly blant look) i give a 8/10.

Sound (Music/SFX):
The music is pure magic for that time (and even today).
All soundtracks giving superb support.
Here it's the same as with the graphic. The music for each level supports the feel that it was ment to give.
Bomb Man's stagemusic is filled with joy, Elec Man's stagemusic gives strengthens the electrifying feel of his stage, the tunes of Wily Fortress part 3 and 4 coming along with a dark mood.....
The technical knowledge were low at that time but therefore they hang in a lot of heartblood.
I like those tunes a lot.
The Soundeffects are ok. For that time those sound-fx were outstanding. Just play other games from outta that period of videogaming.
For today, they fittin the action as they should - what more to say here?

Mega Man's movement is a little bit delayed, so it makes controlling him tricky sometimes.
But hey, with a bit of practicing and a true NES-Controller at hand it's not a big problem.
I got it very quick.
Now, here comes the part where emulator-lamers hulking frustrated around, because their gamepad tricked them ;-).
For playing NES-games there is nothing better than a true NES-gamepad - believe it.
I go fine with the controlls in here - therefore 10/10
!!(and please, don't compare the swampy controlls of the "wily wars" to my review - on the Genesis they messed it totally up, imo)!!

It's definitly one of the hardest Mega Man games. No energytanks, no password featured and exactly one enemy who propels the difficulty outta space - the "Yellow Devil" (aka Cyclops).
Yeah ok, and that Mega Man Clone is a darling too.
Some of the traps and pits can get nasty as well.
So here i can say:"The difficulty blows me away!"
But her is why it's not the case.
While fighting bosses there is a trick i can use if i want to do so, and that makes things really easy (know what i mean?).
For coming around dangerous pits and traps i can use the "Magnet Beam". With that in stock everything gets magically easier.
But how to rate -difficulty- ??
It's with the mind of each player by themself.
Sometimes i'm floating with a permanent smile through the game and sometimes i can mess up everything by myself (missing concentration for eample).
I like the difficulty right as it is.
With that secret trick and the magnet beam i can play around as i feel.

Yeah i know, this game is old, but i cannot rate it on nowadays standards right.
Today everything is about technical smashes.
Back in the year 1987 everything was about bringing along a game that crashes in like a meteor - to give the masses true gameplay.
And that is Mega Man - the Meteor of the year 1987.

So this game deserves a viewtiful final rating

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